The DotA Experiment Completed Journal

Want to see the progress of the The DotA Experiment as a whole?

Here’s a link to the The DotA Experiment Journal:

The DotA Experiment V.09

-Reformatted entire journal.

-Added 5 Spotlights.

-Edited/Primed journal

The DotA Experiment V.08

-Added 8 Spotlights

-Finished Glossary

-Added Page Numbers to Glossary

The DotA Experiment V.07

-Finished Reference Tables section with the descriptions and findings of each table.

-Added Credits Section

-Updated Index of Charts and Figures

-Updated all charts throughout the journal for continuity purposes

-Updated Index

The DotA Experiment V.06

-Added Part V3

-Added 4 Additional Charts in the Reference Charts section

-Updated Index/Cross-References

-Updated Implications

-Added a Header

TDE Rough Draft V.05

-Updated Cross-References/Section and Part

-Added Methods Section

-Added Glossary Section

TDE Rough Draft V.04.5

-Added Cross-References for easy PDF navigation.

-Added additional reference charts.

TDE Rough Draft V.04

-Edited Sections 1-5, and V (to be renamed)

-Added a ‘reference chart’ section with compiled data from different questions.

TDE Rough Draft V.03

-Added a title page, information page and page numbers.

-Added Section V.

TDE Rough Draft V.02

-Added an index and list of charts.

-Added an introduction and conclusion.

TDE Rough Draft V.01

-Compiled all (rough) sections