Section 5: Event-Specific Community Analysis

Section 5 focuses on event-specific responses to common scenarios within a game of Dota 2.

Some of the findings include:

  • Dota 2 and Ego-depleting exercises.
  • Limited Resource Theory on Will-Power within the sample.
  • Non-Limited Resource Theory on Will-Power within the sample.
  • The effect of sleep on will-power within Dota 2.
  • The effect of Limited Resource Theory on Ego-Depleting exercises.
  • The effect of In-Game Communication Events.
  • The continued importance of allied communication.
  • The effect of taunting.
  • Dependent and Independent behavior.
  • Criticism and Leadership.
  • The mute, report and pause function.
  • Offensive and Defensive play-style.
  • The importance of the oddman (solo queue player)
  • Kill Stealing and allied responsiveness
  • Sportsmanship

The link to Section 5: Event-Specific Community Analysis may be found below:

Section 5- Complete

Section 5-Rough