The DotA Experiment: Progress


  • N= Not Started
  • I= In Progress
  • R= Rough Draft
  • C= Complete
  • P= Primed


  • Section 1: Sample Analysis
    • 1A: Demographics (P)
    • 1B: Server Demographics (P)
    • 1C: Sample Experience (P)
    • 1D: Sample Win-rate (P)
  • Section 2: Online Community Analysis
    • 2A: Online Forums (P)
    • 2B: Posting Frequency (P)
    • 2C: Communication (P)
    • 2D: Hero Guides and Social Media (P)
  • Section 3: In-Game Community Analysis
    • 3A: Skill Ratings and Satisfaction (P)
    • 3B: Team Composition and Hero Roles (P)
    • 3C: Warding/Supportive Play (P)
    • 3D: Leadership (P)
  • Section 4: Community Hero Ratings
    • 4A: Favorite Heroes (P)
    • 4B: Least Favorite Heroes (P)
    • 4C: Most Overpowered Heroes (P)
    • 4D: Most Underpowered Heroes (P)
  • Section 5: Event-Specific Community Analysis
    • 5A: Mood. Willpower and Ego-Depletion  (P)
    • 5B: In-Game Chat (P)
    • 5C: Allies and Teamwork (P)
    • 5D: Decision Making, Collaboration and Sportsmanship (P)
  • Section 6: Additional Research and References
    • 6A: Star Ratings Study (P)
    • 6B: Total Star Rating Index (P)
    • 6C: TSR and UGR (P)
Total Pages: 258
% Complete: 100/100
Date Started: 6/26/2012
Date Completed: 8/26/2012

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