Welcome to the official website for The DotA Experiment


TDE2 Cover


Complete! Thank you to everyone who took part. Click the cover above to open the final version.

You can also use the menu at the top of this page to navigate through the website. You can view the individual sections, the previous rough drafts and more.


On June 26th, a fan-made massive community questionnaire was launched for the Defense of the Ancients community. This 98-point survey addressed numerous topics pertaining to VALVe Software’s Dota 2. The goal was to use this acquired data to construct a mega community analysis. Today, the questionnaire is still left open as more samples are always needed. Articles are updated constantly, with new studies being added often. Upon the completion of this study and the finalization of each section, all users who participated within the questionnaire will be credited. Every sample is highly valued.

At the top of this page you will find all of the content created for this experiment. A breakdown of each section and a link to the questionnaire can be found at the top of this page. Just click on the tab for what you want to view. I hope you enjoy some of the information found within these articles. For those interested in only reading a portion of the studies, it is recommended that you read the Abstract, Community Spotlight and Conclusion of each section. The bulk of each article shows the statistics behind implications.

A special thanks goes out to all of the community members who are helping with this study. Their valued opinion on many of these subjects comes from years of participation within the DotA community. For any questions about the study, you may send an e-mail to TheDotAExperiment@yahoo.com.


The DotA Experiment

All media, characters and icons pertaining to Dota 2 are property of  VALVe Corporation (c) and will be removed upon request. All information herein http://www.thedotaexperiment.com may be considered property of  VALVe Corporation (c) and will be removed from this website upon request. All questions, concerns and inquiries may be sent to TheDotaExperiment@yahoo.com


7 responses to “Welcome to the official website for The DotA Experiment

  1. In the Table of Contents, Section 3 Part 3A, the page listed should be 73 rather than 63. Also, I wish I knew about this survey so I could provide some input, but a very good study.

    • Hey, thanks for letting me know. There are little mess-ups like that here and there. Take the Glossary for example. I forgot to re-do the page numbers for each word after I inserted the filler pages with the one-page quotes. That was done so that if you read the journal like an open book, each section/part would begin on the right side. It made it look more organized for the printed version.

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